✶ Crevoxy ✶

The creative evolution into the unknown, Crevoxy.
Nobody knows how many creations will be created
and how many variations there will be.
Peak of perfection, eternal hell, daydreams,
visions, witchcraft, masterstroke,
created through years of magic-art,
manifestations from the neural network.
Will we be able to draw a map for their development?

A new creation is published weekly on the website. It is is only marked with a number, so you can let it have an unbiased effect on you, or you can click on it and find a title and short accompanying text underneath.

Crevoxy is still relatively unexplored. So if you make any observations or take a particular interest in something, you can do so in the following three ways, with 3 having the greatest influence:

Redbubble Like or a comment in the logbook

individual comment in the logbook with Google account
individual comment on Redbubble

Donate on the website or purchase Crevoxy products on Redbubble.
Submit your wish list via the message field during payment processing. Please note that wishes can, but do not have to, come true! If you would like to receive notification of fulfillment or necessary changes, please include an email address or social media profile.

Suggestions, feedback or desire to participate? Leave an entry here.

A list of creations with name and number in descending order of publication and links to releases on each platform.

Bolzef content is shared weekly on Bolzef's Buy Me a Coffee Page, with a small cat hidden in each Crevoxy creation, an interesting search game. Here you can also follow Crevoxy and support it with likes, comments and donations.

The creations are available here on many products for your own four walls. You can also follow Crevoxy and support it with likes and comments.

Here you can support Crevoxy with one-off as well as regular donations, help keep the project alive and even make a wish.

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✶ FAQ ✶

What does Crevoxy mean?
Crevoxy is a mixture of creation, creativity, evolution, galaxy, XY unresolved and XY axis - two-dimensional.

What could be in the 3-Wish-list?
There are no limits to your imagination, e.g. I would like to see the fashionista Dino again, explore the rooms of the forest castle, know where the vampire gets his juice from, more ducks as a motif, creations from the period in which the nymph grove was created ...

How did the new shape come about?
The request “if the creations could be available on more products” and the effectiveness of the Redbubble concept had made me think about a new format since longer time. After prethinking, first experiments and insights gained, the online exhibition took a 3 month hiatus, during which I collected more than 180 examples. Out of these, 18 were selected and tested, 4 were shortlisted and underwent further testing, and ultimately 1 made it to become the final shape. This was then refined and perfected. It is based on a world map or galaxy. In a way a own drawn universe, a developing world.

Should I donate?
Returning visitors are recommended to contribute at least 1€ per month, i.e. 12€ per year. In comparison, an afternoon in a museum exhibition usually costs between 8€ and 24€. This helps Crevoxy to remain independent, continue to exist and shows your appreciation.

Is this for children?
Despite several attempts, it has not yet been possible to limit the target audience. I would therefore be grateful for feedback via comments or participation in surveys. Aesthetically, there will be no strongly grotesque or pornographic image content.

Can I use the images?
Any (commercial) use requires explicit written permission. Private individuals are recommended to link to the posts if they are interested.

Is that me, did something bad happen?
All people, creatures and events on this site are fictitious, any similarity to real ones is purely coincidental and not intentional. Professional creatives are able to create just about anything from cuddly toys for babies up to violent splatter movies. The claim that they necessarily express something about themselves or their environment is outdated and wrong.